Next-generation product design and rendering studio

The time of change is here.

Studio Cube, a next generation product design, modelling and rendering studio. We can make anything.

Imagine one world with infinite digital photography studios, all custom build to the specific needs of the product. What makes it so special is the ultra-realistic quality of shadows and highlighting.

All technical drawings are matched to ensure the correct ratio. Discover the real magic of detailed textures, global lighting from our real-time rendering studio.

Model. Sculpt. Render.

Modelling and sculpting of products are detailed to perfection by our talented team of product designers.

Achieving ultra-realistic photography like renders is all we care about. Our product designers craft each part with detail and create a seamless design. Working in a 3D environment is what has helped our clients launch their product professionally and how it is supposed to be. Welcome to the third-dimension of creating something out of the ordinary.

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Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an established brand, we got you.

Cultural Value is the invisible force that moves people, brands and the world forward.  It is born from what matters most to people, and earned by how an organisation shows up in the world.

Our ideas inspire, earn and activate for brands and audiences alike.

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